Let’s Talk Tax

Every transaction, venture or investment has a tax element. If you’re making big financial decisions, you need a trusted tax advisor who understands the intricate details – especially when you’re dealing with complex international tax laws.

We solve problems, provide bespoke solutions, and create proactive tax strategies that deliver superior results.

Here at Torque Tax, we take a meticulous approach to help you maximise opportunities, minimise risks and meet compliance obligations. As a tax firm with an international focus, we have a world view on tax matters, big and small. We also work collaboratively with a global network of top-tier accountants, lawyers, investment advisors, bankers and corporate service providers who understand the importance of tax.

Our tailored, personal service sets us apart from other firms – and sets you up for lasting success. With our unique, integrated approach, Torque Tax empowers you to achieve the best possible tax outcomes both in Australia and abroad.

Let’s talk tax about:

  • Establishing a business overseas
  • Establishing a business in Australia
  • Asset protection structures
  • Relocating to and from Australia
  • Foreign superannuation funds
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Australian Taxation Office liaisons
MANAGING director
Ilana Kramarov BW-11
Ilana Kramarov
Managing Director

Hi, I’m Ilana Kramarov – Managing Director of Torque Tax. In over 15 years of working as a chartered accountant and tax consultant, I’ve found that most people underestimate the impact of tax on their wealth and lifestyle.

I founded Torque Tax to raise the bar for client service and encourage conversations about tax. By building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and respect, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve positive tax outcomes and greater financial success. My open, proactive approach allows me to identify unique opportunities and minimise risks. It also means I can solve small problems before they become big ones.

I can assist in all areas of tax, but International Tax is my specialty. I hold a Master of International Tax and have vast knowledge of international tax systems – particularly relating to the U.S., Asia, New Zealand, U.K. and parts of Europe. Whether you require residency advice or support with a global business expansion, I have the knowledge and experience to optimise your tax outcomes.